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COVID19 has shown us the limits of the current school system in addition to the already known shortcomings. But it's not just the learning that matters, it's also the way of doing it. The pandemic has radically changed the way that many students access education. Today the choices are limited and the way to go in 2019 is no longer on the agenda. It is in this context that The Studio 1016 developed School's Out.


What is School's Out?

School’s Out is a way to rediscover and strengthen the social bond the school brought in, but that distance learning cannot provide. With the Studio's 6500 square feet, we have the ability to provide you with a place to learn while being sure to maintain a safe distance. In addition, since hygiene is essential, a team will ensure the cleanliness of the premises to provide you with a healthy place to study every day. We will also take the temperature of all people to check that no one is sick without knowing it.


What do you learn with School's Out?

School’s Out is your whole school with great bonuses. You have the full choice of the courses you want to take to create a tailor-made course. You can also attend the lessons in addition to the lessons you are already taking on your own at home, everything can be adapted to your needs. School's Out is also the opportunity to discover courses that are not taught in school.


What are the School’s Out bonuses?

You will find more than just your lessons on School's Out, we offer various activities such as outings, internships to gain experience in the world of work and connections to help you get off to a good start in your working life. You will also have access to experienced tutors to help you learn better.

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