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A space where individual ambition collides with communal collaboration…photographers collide with writers, florists collide with dancers…all creating an explosive cosmic brain factory! A space promoting the creative ebb and flow of professionals, leading the way in their industry, by offering everything you need, when you need it.


Just like the comfort of being in your skivvies, lounging in your living room, The Studio is freedom to be who you are…but in a glorified, industrial-chic, 7,000 square foot coffee shop with technological features and unimaginable bonus amenities, that you sure as heck don’t have in your living room! Did I hear you say thank you? Well, you’re welcome. And although skivvies are appropriate in your primary residence, we’re all fashionistas, here in The Studio. So please, show off your sassy threads and Prada computer bag…we love your style!


A group of people with common interests, interacting in a specific location, working toward a common good. Networking events, happy hours and “member perks” are just a few pieces of the puzzle that help to create our community. Get connected to our community through The Studio Concierge. The Concierge helps to facilitate our community interactions each and every day!


Who doesn’t love a rich cheese or chocolate fondue?…with breads, fruits, veggies, meats…YUM! You never know what we might be ‘cookin up’ at The Studio, but we’re actually referring to our members. Diversity is one of our favorite attributes that defines The Studio. With a spectrum as broad as the color wheel, The Studio is host to an array of professionals from a multitude of categories. Whether it’s (graphic design, yoga instructing or financial advising) that gets you out of bed every day, The Studio is a place for you to thrive!


Ok, so we’re not on Harvard campus creating the Facebook prototype with Zuckerburg, but we do love us some Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snap-chat, hashtags…whatever your preference. As an industry leader, your 9 to 5 isn’t a boundary, it’s a motivation! Interact digitally with your hashtags and tweets, but don’t forget to rub elbows with a workspace neighbor occasionally at the Keurig…that thousand dollar idea you had in the shower this morning, just might turn into MILLION$!


The Studio is new… and we mean brand spankin’ new! While we are still under construction, handpicking the most amazing, industrial-chic, inspiring decor and amenities around, we are ready for you to come on in! The beauty of The Studio is its fluidity; it adapts to the needs, ideas and desires of its members. Think a ping-pong table would inspire you and enhance your workflow? Sounds good to us! As a member of The Studio, you have the power to shape and mold your workspace.

open for membership & we want you!

The Studio is ready, amazing, inspiring and waiting for YOU! From the daily casual user to the yearly committed workhorse, we offer memberships of all shapes and sizes to fit any creative genius’s needs. Sounds good, right? Come check out our 7,000 square foot industrial-chic space of amazingness, designed specifically for creative professionals. Located in the coolest building in the heart of West Palm Beach, The Studio is YOUR space to create, relax, invent, connect or just hang! Get in touch with us to find out the ‘deets’ and get your membership cranking!

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1016 Clare Avenue, Building 5
West Palm Beach, Florida 33401
Tel: 561.318.8403
Fax: 561.828.7851
E-mail: info@thestudio1016.com


Facebook: TheStudio1016

Instagram: @thestudio1016

Twitter:  @TheStudio1016



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